Bike Inspection for Plate Tomorrow


Well, my appointment for my equipment inspection to title and tag my WR450 is 1:00 tomorrow. I believe I have everything in order:

DOT Tires- check

Horn- check

Brake Light- check

Mirror - check

Insurance Card- check

Bill of Sale - check

DR2686 form -check

$20 cash -check

Hope all goes well. One question, on the DR2686 form it states I need a completed VIN inspection to go along with the DR2686 equipment form, it says DR2704? Will the inspector give that to me at the time of the equipment inspection?

Found my own answer on that one:

Colorado Certified VIN Inspection (supplied by Certified VIN Inspector upon inspection)

DR 2704

It must say on the bill of sale "This Motor-driven Cycle is for off-road."

Very Important!!!

the VIN inspection (in the vail valley at least) is done by the police department and the equipment inspection by the sheriff.

Thanks. The appt is in Castle Rock with the highway patrol. If he doesn't do the VIN inspection, I guess I can head over to the sheriff afterwards. Was hoping he could do both.

I got it done by the highway patrol in the Springs and they did the vin check for me also

Thanks. The appt is in Castle Rock with the highway patrol. If he doesn't do the VIN inspection, I guess I can head over to the sheriff afterwards. Was hoping he could do both.

That's where I had mine done and he's able to do both.

+1 on the "For offroad use only"... got bit by that when I went to the DMV.

DMV lady wrote this on the Bill of Sale and faxed it to the dealer:


Dealer faxed this back, and we continued on with the title process.


Thanks everyone.

Good info- I am starting the process for my KTM 400 XC-W as well. I'm in Jefferson county though.

State Police do the inspection located at Camp George West on old Golden Road. You must call for a reserved time during the week. On Saturdays its a free for all.

All went well. Castle Rock Highway Patrol Office took about 10 minutes, handed me the filled out equipment form as well as the VIN form. Took both along with the Bill of Sale and Ins Card to the DMV, and in less than another 15 minutes I had a title and a license plate in my hands. Very very easy process.

Went for a short ride from home, up Jackson Creek, Hidden Valley, Dakan Rd, and back home again. Nice ride for the maiden voyage. Saw someone on a KTM heading back into the Meadows as I was leaving, anyone around here??

My Buyer's Order does not state "Sold as off road use only" so should I go to the dealer (have to pick up a light kit anyway) and ask them to add that to the title? Also, who signs under that statement- the dealer or the DMV agent? Thanks!

I would ask the dealer to do it but if not, just write it on there yourself. That is what I did and it worked for me with no questions asked.

Great, thanks! I will have the tires done today. The DOT tires I got looks really good (Pirelli Scorpion in front and Pirelli Rallycross something or other in back) and I plan on keeping them on. I hope to be adept enough to finish the light/horn kit this weekend and have the bike ready for inspection next week. Looking forward to getting this thing plated.

15 minutes at the DMV? Which office do you go to? It takes that long to find a parking spot in Aurora.

Gotta love Castle Rock, never more than 15 minutes ever!

Same with Jeffco (64th and wadsworth) usually a 15 minute event.

My inspection is early tomorrow morning. Everything is ready...I hope.

Not sure if I mentioned this but my street-legal kit is by Sickass Racing. It was all plug-and-play, so very convenient. The headlight actually says KTM and Made in Austria so I guess they simply buy some of the parts from KTM. Since I bought the bike new, the dealership sold the kit (minus turn signals) for $290 plus tax- a few bucks off retail. It looks completely OEM and quite a bit cheaper than the Baja Designs kit I looked at. I just wish I didn't have to keep that cheap mirror on.

The very little I have ridden on the rode, I have quite frankly found the mirror very useful, once it was adjusted correctly. Its nice to see if anyone is following you. The one I have I originally just folded down, but I now have it mounted under the bars so that I can see out of it and its out of the way.

Passed the inspection even though I completely forgot to put on a reflector. Now on to the DMV fleecing. :thumbsup:

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