Adding foam in airbox to lower noise

Wondering if anyone else has tried this trick to lower DB levels to pass a sound test, I heard there was some talk of someone doing it on KTMtalk. I have an 03' CRF450 with a full CHM exhaust, I have a DBDawg coming later in the week to help pass a sound test for a 2 day dualsport charity ride in june.

If you have the original side plates, there are pair of tubes that mount to the insides that duct air toward the middle of the box. They lowered the carb rattle pretty significantly. That DBdawg works pretty good from what I heard. But its a power killer for sure.

I have the elsinore silver plastics, but still have the originals too, maybe see if I can fit them on. No big deal with power loss since my CRf in dual sported for trail riding , don't need all the power lol.

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