mini LED indis

Ive just ordered an R7G tail tidy for sm and was wondering about the LED indicators... Why are some dirt cheap and why are some a lot more expensive.

The ones i ordered were these (£12.50 - $20.50 for 4) :thumbsup:

But the ones R&G recommend were twice this price just for 2!! :thumbsup:

So are the cheap ones crappy or should they be ok?? If they are $h1t then not lost much money....

I got a set of the ebay style cheap ones and they work fine, not a problem.

When these get knocked off, I'll be replacing them with the same. Hope that helps.

i got the same ones as the first ones you posted....they are the same ones in the stores just 1/3rd of the price

I have been using these for a year now.....Be careful not to over tighten them when mounting...the bolting shaft will pull out of the indicator..I ended up gluing mine in...



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