which trials tire for racing?

I am looking for recommendations for a trials tire to use at an upcoming technical mountain hare scramble.

The only trials tire I have used so far is the Dunlop 803. It was fantastic at slower speeds, when the bike is vertical, but I had some trouble trying to ride fast and corner hard. It would grip, grip, grip, and then traction would disappear in a flash and put me on the ground. I do not know if this was caused by the sidewall rolling over the rim or if that's just the nature of the sticky rubber.

Does anyone have experience riding fast or racing with the trials tires? The course will be about 50% slow rocky terrain with intermittent sections of 40 mph fire roads. I am 165 lbs., race AA class, and will be riding a KTM 300.

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Going to be interesting to see the results of this thread. Honestly I'm not sure to many people are very keen on using trials tires for racing..

I would not consider it for most courses. But we're potentially looking at a lot of muddy rocks. When in Rome...

MT43 that's what I use when I race, it's not like the other trials tires, I even use the thing on the highway

just be careful if you have to brake hard, they like to pack up quick once they lock up, took me a while to learn how to brake without brake sliding so much, I tend to jab/lock and then release a bit so it'll track better

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