08 250 sxf false neutral

hi i always seem to hit a false neutral from second to third. going up or down. the other day i was at the starting gate in second. the gate dropped and of i went, shifted up to third false neutral. also dropping down from third to second i hit false neutral as well. and sometimes its fine. any ideas im stumped dont know alot about gearboxs. has any one else had this with an 08 250 sxf.

I would replace the star wheel that goes on the right end of the shift drum, (behind the clutch, do not pull the engine) and examine the roller the follows the star

my 08 does it too. very annoying

hopefully it will be that easy. im gona pull the clutch of at the weekend and check that. also someone said the bolt may of came lose that holds the shift drum or summin thats also behind the clutch somewhere.

yes, the bolt comes loose, the star roller may have a problem, the star may not have the right depth cut in it, spring, etc, but that is where i would start under the right side case.

I had the clutch of today and the star wheel looked good. I tightened it up anyway. Now I find if I start the bike and go from first up to second then back down to first it hits neutral instead of first. Buy looking at the star wheel from secondwhen you drop to first it doesn't go all the way round to first and slips back intO neutral. What would cause this.

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