Needle shim mod questions

Few things I can't seem to find after well over an hour of searching and reading post. Either I am the most site challenged member on here or its just not an obvious thread. In any case, I've given it an honest try at it.

Hoping I can get some help.

First question: What washer to use? I have read multiple post stating .030 - .o40 shim but at the hardware store stainless washers are #8,#10, etc. Do I need to take in calipers to measure the thickness or is there a size by number that I can pick up?

Second question: Is there a post showing a photo of where the shim washer goes. I assume it is between the clip and the plastic spacer but I haven't found anything that really explains it or shows a photo. I read someplace that I should check the FAQs but I couldn't find it there either.

Last question: I removed the tank, hoses and removed the choke from the carb and swung the brake fluid res out of the way. Is there anything else I need to remove to rotate the carb? ie, throttle cables?

I've tried rotating the carb but its snug enough that I'm afraid I might damage something I'm not seeing.

I realize this is probably far easier than I'm making it.

Help appreciated !

Q1) You should be fine with (2) three millimeter stainless steel washers. The ones I got from my local hardware store were right at 0.02" thick each

Q2) They go under the clip on the needle because you are raising the needle and thus richening the mid range delivery. Check out this thread for the docs with pics. The PDF details drilling out the slide but IIRC Mx_Rob has said that it helps as much as it hurt in that the mod does improve throttle response but also makes it more sensitive to other conditions. When I still had the BST I did the washers and pulled the snorkel and called it good enough. I was happy with the results.

Q3) Seems to me I just needed to loosen some of the zip ties that hold the stuff to the frame to be able to twist the carb enough to remove the top cover.

Don't forget to drill out the cover over the A/F screw and set it about 1 and 1/4 turns out from lightly seated. My stock 2009 came from the factory at about 1/4 turn from lightly seated(!)

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Thanks ROMAD!! Huge help. I should have caught that link but your explanations will get me on the road again.

A great write up by bigboy!

Very much appreciated, thanks for taking the time,

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