Lowering a TTR 225

I'm trying to lower this for my wife she's 5" at 104 lbs. is there a relitivley easy way to lower the ttr?

Honestly, if you need to lower a ttr225 you've got the wrong bike. It's already pretty low, but It's so darn heavy that anyone small enough to need it lowered really needs a smaller bike. Realize it's about 2.6 times heavier than your wife!

We had one for my wife who is 5'8" and 135lbs and the ttr225 was way too much for her. I'd go with a ttr125 for her size.

Sorry, I don't know how to lower it any.

Yeah you're right, guess we'll have to get her a bike that fits. I don't think she wants my hand me down anyway. Thanks for the good judgement.

Ah, no biggie. I don't think they're that heavy anyway. My gf is 5'2".

Drop the forks in the trees, set the sag as soft as possible and sit her on it. If it still won't fit, you're going to need to look at youth bikes. I'd recommend a DR-Z/KLX 125. My now 5'1" daughter fits just fine on the "L" version with a 3/4" drop on the trees and sag adjustment.

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