Wideband for 2-stroke tuning??

I know the oil will shorten sensor life. I want to hook one up just to get jetting set and then remove the sensor.

Anyone do it on 2-strokes?

How long will the sensor last (enough to tune 3-4 bikes? of just doing test runs)?

Where to put sensor: in expansion chamber? Pipe leading to muffler? (have spark arrestors, so sticking a long tube in the muffler won't work).

If it would work, is my assumption correct in that you would:

Ride at steady 1/4 throttle to determine pilot

Ride at steady 1/2 throttle to determine needle

Ride at WOT to determine main jet?

Spoke to a guy at Daytona Sensors, he said sensor would last in the "tens of hours" which should be plenty to sort out a few bikes, but he didn't really have any real info on 2-stroke tuning.

Before the sensor is installed to test, have the bike fully heated, remove the bung, insert the sensor and get your numbers. A sensor will last about five hours of run time.

Pilot is idle

Needle is at 0 to 1/8, 1/8 to 1/4, 1/4 to 3/8... up to 7/8

Main is WOT

Do it on a dyno. If you try to do it by riding, you will kill a sensor doing one bike. You have to do your tests on an incline, in fourth gear and it must be repeatable.

There are a few good threads in this forum that talk about widebands and 2S. Do a search.

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