STEEP downhill sections....

Hey guys, we have some really steep long downhill rutted sections and I noticed im putting alot of pressure on my bars (hands, arms), and its causing some fatigue. How should I position myself to help this problem. when I try griping the bike with my legs and lean back it seems to make the front unstable.

I'm assuming you are standing right? Well, stand up, arms slightly bent but tense enough that your front wheel doesn't wander, feet pushing forward on your pegs ("digging in"), and lots of practice and you'll be fine in no time.

I do tend to sit down on the real steep stuff, just incase I need to dab my foot if my front end washes on a rock/root... it seems like all the weight is on the front tire so Ill get crossed up and thrown easy if it does wash out. Maybe I do need to work on standing more, thanks.

sit and squeeze with your knees (but don't lean back), that will take the pressure off of your arms; stand but get your but over the rear fender if it's steep enough, that will the pressure off as well; work out and build upper torso strength.

Like I said a million times before, I come from a downhill mountain bike racing background. I've learned a few things over the years. You learn to stay somewhat centered over top of your bike even on steep nasty stuff. This applies to riding a dirtbike too, even more so because you can't get behind the rear fender. It allows you to stay in control of the bike, let the bike roll, and use strategic braking instead of clamping down on the binders and thus... lose control easier.

Stay aggro, but stay loose. When you are tightened up and let the bike start riding YOU (sitting) you will have a greater chance of losing control. Masking poor riding technique will only work some of the time. Practice standing in situations like that until its second nature and your descending speed will greatly increase.

Stand up and hover your arse over the very back of the seat/beginning of fender. This will put more weight on your rear tire and make breaking more effective.

Thanks for the replies. I think along with needing to stand more, alot has to do with my conditioning, because I notice a problem after ive been riding for a while and thats also when I sit down more.

On another note, my suspension is stock sprung and Im 6'3 about 250. How much would it help to get the right springs?

It should help a lot with proper springs, after all they were designed for 160 lb guy.. Id imagine the front end is SUNK going down any steep hill... No wonder its tough for ya...

If you learn how to ride on what you have youll need to re-learn it all when you get your new springs (will feel like a new bike)

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