cylinder sleeve question

i am new to mx, just got a 2002 yz250. everyone selling a bike (including the previous owner of my bike) says that is has a fresh top end. i have read a lot of threads here that say the first thing you should do is check and/or replace the top end because it is cheap insurance. i pulled the jug off yesterday, the piston is in great condition and the rings are within spec. the thing i noticed is that the cylinder has been sleeved. it is in good shape now, but if in the future if it does get scored then what?? are sleeves plated?? if so can you get them replated?? what are my options??

sleeves aren't plated. if in the future it goes beyond spec you over-bore it to the next size. you can do this a few times normally then you need to re-sleeve it again. it's a bummer that the po decided to go that route. old technology you know. run a good coolant as bikes can run hotter with the sleeve.

have fun riding it. you can always watch fleabay for a used cylinder that still has the oem bore as a backup.

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