exhaust question?!?

so im trying to trade my FMF SST shit shit thing pipe. for a stock one.

my bike does have that snap it should. would have a pipe really change it that much? because my old stock pipe had alot of snap on my 2000.

i get a 04 with a sst and no snap. so my question is is will a sst really rob away that power?

also he has a 06 silencer.

so should a trade my sst and fmf shorty for the stock set up if he gives me 50$ with it>?

Probably more of a jetting issue than pipe issue.. Different pipes require different jetting for optimal performance.. That being said, I think most of us here have decided that the stock pipe is very very good... Good luck

You could feed it some timing, but with that pipe you better not cheap out on fuel.

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