chain guide

I have been looking at a knock off bbr chain guide from pcc motors, but they only list a part for xr 50-80. I checked my 50, but wanted to know if anyone knew if this part would also fit on my xr100. Cheers

??? not sure what you mean, I know the bbr site and that they sell a chain gaurd. I found a cheapy one and want to know if the bbr style chaingaurd for a xr 50 will fit an xr100.

I'd love to know this too.

As far as bolting on, it looks like it would. However, the '50' version of the guide has a much more significant offset, bringing the actual guide much closer to the driven sprocket. This may be an issue depending on the diameter of the driven sprocket on a 100.

Also, the XR50 and 80 run 420 chain vs. the larger 428 chain on the 100; don't know if BBR/PCC designed specifically for chain size or are they built for both?

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