Dented pipe affecting performance?

Brand new FMF pipe on Juniors 2010 65 and he put a dent in the side of it...not a huge dent but easily visible.

Will this affect performance to any great degree? First race on Sunday coming up and I am wondering if I should put factory one back on...


the header being dented can make a noticeable change, but in the main body it isnt much difference.

If its on the side where the pipe is the largest you should be fine. The ones you should worry about are the first bend coming out from the cylinder where the pipe is narrow.

i read a write up in Dirt rider magazine awhile back that talked about dented pipes. they did test over it with different pipes, they proved that some dents in the right place actually helped the performance of the bike. i tried to find it online but no luck. i will keep looking. and IMO i dont think a person could tell from a small dent if they where losing power or not.

there was a pipe manufaturer that purposely dent the pipe on that magic area to create the performance gain. cant remember wich mfg.

I think the article was actually in MXA, and it was quite a long time ago.

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