DT200 LC 87' parts for sale

Hi, i own a dt200lc 1987 model frame code 37F and sell it for parts.

Parts i have are:

-painted with electrostatic method black frame


-front brake pump

-3 seats (red-blue-grey)

-2 gas tanks painted

-some plastics

-rear suspension

-triple clamp with top yoke too

-rear swing-arm

-a couple of 28mm round slide Mikunis

-the engine head

and others that i don't remember right now...

i DON'T have the engine and the front fork

the parts are here in Greece but i can send them everywhere in the world.if the shipping is high we can talk about the money for sure...

Do you have the gauges? I need a tachometer but could use a speedometer too.

hi there, Could you please send me a picture of cylinder head.

my email: yahmadiebrahim123@gmail.com

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