690 smc

just wondering what kind of top speeds you can get with a 690 smc with the stock gearing,im considering getting one and was just curios how they are geared, and if they need to be un-corked to really run right.I ask only because i have a exc 530 and to get it to run correctly it was a few small things that needed done ( jetting,gearing,de-smoged) and figured i ask. thanks in advance..James

my 690 enduro (essentially the same bike with different wheels) topped out at 108 indicated (102 on gps) with the stock 15/45 gearing (compared to the smc at IIRC 16/42) and knobbies... it was out of HP, not rpm. I'm sure that the lower rolling resistance of your street tires would bump it up a little higher, but if top speed is your concern, I'd be looking for a lot more than the 690. If riding like a hooligan around town and on backroads is your thing, the smc sounds like your bike.

As far as uncorking goes, I run the KTM evo airbox lid with uni filter and Leo Vince slip on and it seems to really wake the bottom end through mid range up, but I did not notice a substantial gain in top end power. What I did notice is that I lost 8lbs of glowing hot catalytic converter!

im leaning more towards hoologanism and backroading, the 16/42 would offer more top speed but id rather have the lower end pull. thanks for reply.


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