Honda self locking wheel nut

Does anyone know what one mxa refer to on this? As in 250 or 450 axle nut? Looking at getting one, cheers

there both the same, i have one on my kaw 250f

Please keep in mind, MXA's only gripe is the fact they have to use a cotter pin. It works just fine.

I've got one on my '11. My son rides a YZ250F so I got one for his bike and it works fine. I wouldn't taint my bike with a Honda part.

i use some honda bolts on my kxf. honda has great hard wear!

Works great. I think it's been the same nut for a number of years. I ordered a 11 CRF450R and it works perfect

What's the part #?

go to motosport and look it up.

i ordered it from the local dealer, free shipping...would have paid more in shipping than the cost of the part if i bought online.

Just ditch the cotter pin and forget it. Had several we always thrash the pin and just run it. Think about it. Ever had the nut come loose and put pressure on the pin? It's there to satisfy the attorneys.

I put the Honda nut on. Installation is easy...even I could do it! PM me for instructions!

For the cost ($.05 a cotter pin) and time involved, is it even worth your time to switch it?

i just use the stock nut without the cotter pin,torque to 81 ft lbs and need for self locker IMO

I've been riding Kawis for over 15 years, never used the cotter pin and never had a nut come loose... Not sure what the big deal is.

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