Spokane County, speak up or bend over


Ask them to prove there is a problem. How many people live in the area vs how many complaints. Then in the areas that show a significant spike, above the amount of complaints of dogs barking...gather some sound info, and some dust info. Compare it to farming activity in the area. This argument always falls on its face in a rural area. If ya live in suburbia...I guess ya take one on the chin. My uncle was county commissioner up there years ago. Same problem then, just more people now.

I would just ask Spokane County to pay all of your property taxes!! I guess we really don't own anything we just get to pay for it. I can understand if people were out riding all hours of the night, but if you're operating within the noise limits in the county how can they say a fricken word? I live near an airport and guess what? Its not that bad!!!!

Unless ya call 'em on it...the MOST sensitive of us, will make the rules for all.

We are seeking public input to develop regulations that:

 Reasonably regulate private motor track recreation

 Mitigate impacts from noise, dust, etc.

 Seek locational compatibility

Respect private property rights

How about respecting my private property rights to ride MY dirt bike on MY land?

request sent

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