Klx 340

WOW, I hate purple, but that looks like a nice bike.

With all that work, I wonder why they aren't asking more.

reserve has either been met or they removed it....

i actually almost went and looked at this bike... but it was 6 hrs from me....

if it had been closer i would drove.

if it was closer to the border i'd buy it!

seems like the good finds are always the furtherst away....

I ended up going with '11 KX250f i only had to drive 15 miles for it. lol

but i commnicated with this seller and oh my....this would be a dream.....

i drove to lansdale Pa for my FZ1, but at that time the price of gas was half of what it its now


seeing the price it looks to sell for almost making wanting to bid in....and sell the 11' lol..

Looks like it sold for $1,426. Nice bike.

That bike had the ever hard to find stroker rear suspension linkage and KX/KLX shock!!

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