How's the weather in your area? We're a little damp...

Got out of Junior Drag racing for the kids cause we couldn't use the cars often enough and we got into motocross so we could "ride anytime" and not be affected by the weather as much... We have had three local MX races in a row canceled cause of rain & snow this spring and the track in our yard has been under water most days for weeks:banghead:

We're in the same boat here, literally. We had record snow all winter that melted and caused a ton of runoff, then it has rained almost every day this spring. I've never seen a spring so wet.

As I type this I am sitting at the center of the red dot on the map:


We gotten 4 inches over the last week, and they are saying this storm is dumping another 2-1/2 inches by the end of the day :thumbsup:

Weve actually had 2 weeks of sun here, first time since Christmas I've come home dry after going to the local track :thumbsup:

Maybe you'll grow trees and offset global warming :thumbsup:

Maybe you'll grow trees and offset global warming :thumbsup:

Haha, actually all of the plants seem to be drowning :thumbsup: All the trees should have started budding weeks ago, but most still look dead like they did all winter.

Maybe you'll grow trees and offset global warming :cheers:

I outta have reverse global warming at my place, over the last 3 years I have planted over 5000 White Pine transplants for a windbreak. Get them at about 6" tall, and many are waist high already.

Got another 300 to fill in where some didn't survive (always gonna have some attrition), but right now, it's snowing sideways. Guess they'll sit in the garage in a bucket til tomorrow.

Could have planted them yesterday, 65 and sunny, but instead I went riding all day.:thumbsup:

On a side note, talked to my uncle last night (farmer) and he told the seed representative to cancel his order for seed corn and send rice instead. If he's all out of rice, send fish.:thumbsup:

It has been so rainy in ohio... its frustrating. There have been a few decent days to ride, but most are either rain all day long, or it will look clear for a while only to rain later. Impossible to ride to work or anywhere else you'll be parked for an extended time because you'll probably get wet. Pain in the ass.

Some pics from around my neighborhood today:





Forecast says another inch coming tonight :thumbsup:

Im way down in the SE corner of NM no rain in about 10 months! wish it would rain for days.

What is this strange thing you call rain? We've only had .20 " in the last 78 days in San Antonio.

its been a great spring so far in nc, upper 80's this weekend with no chance of rain

I guess April showers bring May riding hours? :thumbsup:


weather is rain rain and rain

It has been nothing but rain here in southern Illinois. Ugh. I can't wait until it dries up so I can hit the track again.

it sucks here in michigan. its been raining forever. and when its not raining its snowing...

Has rained from 7" to 12"+ since Saturday here in S.W. Missouri. Roads closed, rivers/creeks flooding, schools out. Chance of rain tonight, then dry for a few days. May get to ride (through the waterholes and swollen creeks) this weekend.:thumbsup:

P.S.. I hear thunder off in the distance as I type this.:thumbsup:

Yea NY has been sucking! I've gotten in I think 3 or 4 rides... that's it, it's been so wet. I guess more rain tomorrow and Thursday but it's gonna take a few days of nice weather to dry out.

stupid mn rains every day and just snowed 8 in on thursday

Past 4 months nothing but sun, clouds, and temp from 70-80 degrees

you guys are makin me feel a little better about the rain ive only got 2 good rides in so far this year bring the drought

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