Cycra Probend handguards with risers?

Anyone out there have the Cycra probends with triple tree mounting and risers? I believe they take the side mounts.

I would like to use the triple tree mounting but also want to use risers to raise the handlebars. Also thinking about shortening the bar width too.

The alternative is to use the U clamps. I have an 09 DRZ400sm so it has 1-1/8" renthal bars.

Any other alternatives out there? Got suggestions? better yet, Got pics?



I have Cycra ProBends and side mounts on a BRP upper triple and the BRP tall bar mounts to clear a Scotts damper in a SUB mount (Stabilizer Under Bar). I believe the bars are about 2-3" taller that stock this way. My bars are Pro Taper Carmichael bars that I cut down 0.75" on both sides (I forget the OAL after the cuts).

Everything mounted up with no major issues other than a tweak or two on the ProBends in a bench vise to slightly adjust them to line up a little better. After that I just slowly started the bolts and worked them tighter all the way around slowly. It makes it easier with the pinch bolts and mounting bolts loose to start and get all the threads started.

If I had it to do over again I would ditch the Cycra bar end mounting system (the bolt and expansion/friction nut thing) in favor of the threaded inserts from BRP. I have installed a set of Highway Dirt Bikes hand guards + risers on my DR650 that uses the same method of attaching the bar ends and I love it. A small PITA to tap the bars but once you are done it makes for a very secure mount point for the bar ends of the hand guards.

Only pic I have handy that shows it set up:



You could also choose the solution mount from Cycra, then it doesn't matter how large your riser is.


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