what is the best year

im just woundering the best year for a kx250f im looking tp buy one and i dont want to get a bad year

2006 and up. 2009 and are even better.

could i find one of those for under $2000?

maybe an 06 or 07. come up with 1200 more and i have a mint 09.

i have a budget and im already going 1k over

i hear yea i was going low buget on my 2010 and i already revalved,put a yosh pipe and some works connection parts,and have hot cams coming. buget and dirt bikes dont work well together. and i forgot rg3 triple clamps.

found o4 $1900

Don't buy an 04 or 05, you'll end up spending more on keeping it running than if you just bought an 06+.

Trust me.

ok so 06 and up

Yeah, that's gunna be your best bet.

Keep looking over the next few weeks and you should be able to find a decent 06 for about $2000.

I sold my 06 for $2300 last fall, but it only had about 50 hours on it.

I can tell you what years to stay away from - 04 and 05. I have an 04 and even though I really like it, when compared with 06 up KX F's it has a tonne of issues. I'm looking at replacing it with an 08.

06-up.....with each year being progressively better, my favorite Ive rode is an '08...09 felt kind of soft on power and the riding position felt weird to me

I just picked up a nice 08 for$ 2200 a few days ago. The deals are out there, you just have to look around.

Just be patient and walk away from ones that you worry about. If it looks like new, it probably has low hours or was taken very well care of. Ask about oil changes and all other maintenance history including valve inspections/adjustments. Vague answers are not good. 07 and up is what you should be looking at.

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