Did you all watch supercross on pay-per-view it was freaking AWESOME. i was hoping for mcgrath to win though, but RC deserved it he worked really hard. i was about to wet my pants when Voss and Ferry were riding. ferry freaking owned.

Does anyone know why Voss pulled out at mid race? It didn't look mechanical, he rode off with his mechanic on the back of the bike. He also didn't look hurt. Anyone see him go down or hear something David and Art might have said that I didn't hear?

Either way, that thing was a rocket out of the gate. It will be really interesting to see with a little better rider that has more time on the bike.


John E. Walker


He cased a jump and jammed his wrist. That's why he pulled off. Read it on cyclenews online.


Mr. Wizard says: "Go BIG, or go home!"

Either way, that thing was a rocket out of the gate. It will be really interesting to see with a little better rider that has more time on the bike.


Voss is a great starter, regardless of what he is riding.


The Honda 450 hooked up really well off of the line.. I was also really impressed. Does anyone know if there is going to be any ESPN2 or anything on DTV for the outdoor series? That bike looked to run pretty solid.. It's nice to see some more interest and competion out there for the Yamaha 4 stroke :)

To bad Fonseca lost 2nd place in the 125 division.. that would have been great also..

I just came back from Vegas, and yes, the 450 was amazing.

It sunk in the whoops section and that's really where they caught him. I think it would have taken a 4th or 5th had things played out.

The 125/250 race was where it was at. However, Travis was way off his ride. Must have something on his mind.

The four stroke action on the track was almost as good as the scenery in the stands.


I was also at the race, and yes the Honda looked good. Heath looked a little out of sorts on the bike - just not used to the 4 stroke. He cased a lot of jumps, and sucked in the whoops, but as you all know it takes a little while to adjust to thumpers. They interviewed Heather Voss (Heath's sister), and she said that Heath only had 2 Days on the 450. Can you imagine what he'll do when (and if) he gets used to that thing. After seeing him ride so well with so little time on the bike, I think Honda should give him a deal to ride the 450 in the nationals. And yes, Ferry was flyin'!!!


This was my first year at the Vegas event.

Have you gone before? Was this as good as year's past? Did you find any team sponsored parties in the evenings? Any left over supermodels laying around?


I went last year, and plan on going every year. This year the racing was a little better, but last year was awesome too. There were parties afterward, but I didn't attend any, our guests had their teens with them, and most of the parties were 21+. Now I have to work on the Wife to try to make it to Glen Helen. :)

I would like to have 2 days on Heath Voss' sister.......oh, I mean the cr450!!

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