good bike? also this one.

What's his experience? Remember this is an MX,, not a trail bike and its got power.

I'd ask a lot of questions since the plastic is all yellow. That bike didn't come yellow in '01. Raced, rebuiilt, hours, tires, bearings, chain, sprockets, ......

ya he has been riding since he was 3and he will use it for open woods

From the few pictures provided, that bike actually looks clean. Worth checking out IMO. Price is cheap enough too.

he will take 1k

he will take 1k

If'll he's willing to take 1k and you've heard it run, I'd buy it. Just make sure it's not a basket case. Take it for a ride and make sure it runs smooth. make sure wheel bearings and suspension bearings are ok...look over it real good.

As long as the bike starts, has good compression, and isn't a basket case BUY IT!!! Around here in texas the same exact bike in WORSE condition goes for about $2100... :thumbsup:

the guy said the yellow plastic came with the bike

one industries made a retro kit for 01 yammies. Just make sure you check the essentials as a rebuild could cost more than the asking price

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