New top end options, CR125

So basically i really screwed up when i re-rung my '94 CR125 last fall. Didn't check piston ring end clearance. :thumbsup: Basically, seized so i tore it down, found out the clearance is off by .006" (six thousandths). So basically, what's my best option? I've thought about a .020" overbore, but would that require replating? I'm not sure how thick the Nikasil is on these things. Could I shave off .006" from my ring to make it fit? Thought I'd ask before really screwing myself up more here. haha

Thanks for any ideas/opinions!

you have 2 options both intail you first buying a piston kit ( what ever size you want)

you CAN NOT just bore out the nicasil coating youd be lucky if the coasting is .002 thick

1) send it to us chrome power seal usa or milenium tech

2) have your cylinder bored and a sleeve put in ..

choice is yours but will sacrafice a little cooling/ friction with the sleeve but gain the sleeve can be bored out a couple times before needing to be replaced coatings can't be bored only the cylinder can be bored then plated to the new bore

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