Rant and questions

Ok so the end of the season before last I bought myself a 2007 WR250f. The first few times I got to trail ride it was raining and muddy which was so much fun but...

So after all the fun came time to clean the dirt sculpture of my bike which probably had 10 pounds of mud caked everywhere and in my foolishness decided to use a pressure washer.

I ended up ruining and removing some of the decals on the fenders and airbox and also one rad shroud decal. I thought nothing of it at the time thinking they were cheap and readily available come time to replace them..

well... I went to the local Yamaha dealer to price out new rad shroud decals to make my bike look good again. I was told that it was going to cost 120 bucks... per side??? really?!?!?

Is this true? Did my stupid pressure washer just cost me 250 bucks?

I have looked around for graphics kits and wasn't all too impressed with what was available as a "kit" for the WR

So I conclude with a question

What is the most economical way to get my WR looking stock or nice?











yea OEM stickers are a rip off just get some aftermarket stickers from decal works or FX or your other favorite sticker brand.

Get the OEM replica graphics from N-Style or factory FX, they look like the OEM ones but they are thicker, last longer, and stick better. They also cost like $30 for the whole set. OEM graphics are a rip off.

my step dad likes this place http://graphicmx.com/... ive never used him but he has used them 3 or 4 times and they always look good and go on perfect

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