05 230 dual sport kit

hey i was looking to get a good cheap duals sport motorcycle when i get home from school this summer. being that gas is around 4.25 now i was wanting to get something small so i could park my truck for a while and save on gas. My younger brother just outgrew his 2005 crf230f that my parents bought brand new and got himself a different bike. now the 230 is just sitting I was hoping to find a dual sport kit for this but cant seem to find a kit for the 05 model year all i have found is 06 and up. does anybody know of a kit or any other way to make this bike street legal in california if it is even possible

I understand it is almost impossible to get plated. But Baja Designs makes a great DS kit for it. I personally bought the components separately but that was for Colorado where it was easy to get plated.

You might have to buy a CRF230M or L because I know my insurance wouldn't insure the CRF230F I was going to buy. L's are very inexpensive. I just went and looked at my M I intend to purchase Sat!! Plus the gearing is a lot different stock, comes from the factory ready to plate, and has a tad less aggressive internals to give even more MPG

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