Is balancing SM tires needed?

The difference between ordering a set of tires online vs ordering from a shop is about $100 so my question is if it is needed to balance a set of tires if I try and mount them myself. I see the front wheel has 2 spoke weights and the rear has the regular weights so I assume it is necessary. Anyone mount their own tires on SM wheels?

Yes, they should be balanced unless you never exceed 40 mph.

Both wheels should have stick on weights, spoke weights are inaccurate, scatch spoke and can pop off.

You have the right tools to not damage the finish on the SM wheels when swapping tires??

Yep I do. Every one I know dose it them self. I fit my tyres to my sport bikes as well then take them to a shop to get them balanced. Cost £10 that's all. You dont really need to do it on a drz, I don't think.

you can try it yourself by literally balancing the wheel so there is not a heavy spot. If your not happy with the results you could go to a shop. I balanced my wheels and run up to 120 kms, does not seem to be an issue at ALL.

I mount and balance my own too. Even picked up some black stick-on weights a few years ago so they blend in with the black SM wheels. Google or youtube "static balancer". Really easy to balance on your own.

I've heard that static balancing is actually more accurate than dynamic balancing (what most shops use), but I have nothing to back up that claim, just what I've heard. Maybe others can confirm or deny.


Takes all of 2 minutes to balance a tire....if you are going to put in the sweat equity to swap it out, spend the extra moment to balance it correctly.

I picked up a motorcycle static wheel balancer at Harbor Freight with the standard 20% discount for less than $50. Well made, super accurate and easy to use.

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