cant jump my bike properly

hey guys, im new to motocross and have ridden 5 times in total in different conditions, im getting better but cant seem to nail the jumps, i take them quite slow only getting a little bit of air.

but as soon as i get air my bike leans forward, i have tried leaning back even pulling back on the bars but i cant get it to stop kicking forward.

i have nearly smashed my chest onto the bars and gone over the front a few times and am getting frustrated with this.

ive heard the i should take the jump faster but if i go any faster and it kicks forward like usual then i will definitly crash.

has anyone got some advice or do you know what im doing wrong, other riders seem to make it look easy where they just take the jump and the bike jumps perfect and straight without much effort !:thumbsup:

thanks for any help:ride:

Pop that throttle at the top of the jump right at the lip

edit: i say this because I have noticed some new jumpers have hesitation and let off the throttle at the top of the jump slowing the rear wheel and diving the nose. Also suspension is a factor but try to give her some love first and pop the throttle.

well if your bike is kicking up that bad it might be the shocks. when you jump you should be in a pretty neutral position.

jump standing up and hit the gas while going up the jump and lean back

set your sag ect. if it still pops you forward when using a constant throttle blip the throttle like above mentioned

increase your rebound damping in the rear, and decrease it in the front, and stay on the throttle as you leave the ground...

all of your suspension needs to be set correctly however the advise some of the other's gave you is just dead wrong.

Dont get on the throttle and lean back

Dont Pop the throttle right at the lip.

You should be in a neutral to forward position on the bike, the bike should feel as if its pushing you, like a Snow Ski jumper is forward on the skis. You should almost have your crouch on the handle bars.

The throttle should be consistant all the way from the run up, thru the face and consistant thru the air if needed.

More than likely your front end is dropping because your are letting off the throttle as you start to take flight. Keep the throttle consistant. About half throttle.

Get back on the throttle and this will lift th front end back up.

If the front end goes way high on you then to much throttle or you are pulling back on the bars. This is called looping out. It really hurts.

I quick pull on the clutch then tap the rear brake and the front end will come back down.


ride at your level not at others level. natural progression in skill, jump hgt and distance will come.

Panic rev, and brake tap along with proper positioning is where you need to focus

EDIT Once you go air born let the bike level out, your crouch will float back to the natural neutral position, as if you are standing over the saddle. ---- Prior to touch down get on the throttle, squeeze with the knees, Get ready for next obstacle.

^ He's right. In short, new jumper has tendency to let off the throttle just before becoming airborne and this causes the nose to dive. Pick a speed at your comfort level and commit to holding the throttle at that speed all the way through. Jump standing and give it some throttle as you land. You'll get it. Just start out on some of the smaller jumps until your comfortable with that throttle and confident that your bike can and will fly neutral.

Don't let off the throttle when going off a jump. Keep it about halfway open and smooth, stay neutral on the bike, and you will be fine.

go as slow as you want coming up to the jump and then gradually roll on the throttle. you will not endo

i found the throttle was my issue when i first started but i knew this before hand but kept doing it was really pissed cause sometimes perfect jump other times nose dive and thought what the hell is going wrong .

Here's a pointer that i picked up from a mate although i thought i held the throttle open i was letting go just after the front wheel left the ground but not the back thinking i had cleared the take off but the length of the bike threw me off. constant throttle was the key and i know its hard to keep the mind set of holding it open cause its scary the first few times just try out on something small first that doesnt have a big lip and has a nice long smooth landing and work your way up. also i found you can use a little pre load to help pop the front up.

Also all the above mention on bike set up and stuff

Well, I had this problem when I first went to a four stroke. The engine braking on a 4t is a lot stronger then on a 2t, so where I was used to being able to get off the gas in the air on a 2t, I was doing it on a 4t and gave me a few wild rides. Just stay on the throttle through the air, and make sure you have steady throttle all the way until you leave the face. When I say stay on the throttle thru the air, don't have it pinned to the redline, just like midrange, shouldn't take very much twist as you have no resistance on the back tire when it isn't on the ground.

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