Got me a big RED PIG.

Bought a 2001 with 1300 miles on it. Came with 2 complete extra sets of plastics and tanks, Rear Aluminum rack, saddle bag brackets looks like cage over number plates, skid plate, ram mount for iphone or what ever, exrta set of wheels and tires has avon's on tires on it, tank bag, and a couple of boxes on mis parts pegs bars and stuff. It has all of the smog removed and has been rejetted also comes with a super trap Disc pipe. Anything you guys recommend?

Saweet! Been looking at one like that locally. How much?

I felt like I did not get hurt at 35. I felt like it was a good deal for me and the seller.

Pictures would be great ???

If your gonna talk about it post it! :thumbsup:

looks like yer a day late and a dollar short

jk, great looking bike. going to keep the slicks or go dirty?

Well I commute 25 miles one way to work 10 to 12 days a month so I am going to get me another set of wheels with dirt tires on them plus I have a boy who turns 4 in July and for his birthday he is getting his first bike. So I need both sets. It came with all kinds of extras. I have three tanks three sets of plastics extra shocks all kind of goodies. Thinking about getting one complete set of.plastics and tank dipped in old school brown camp.

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