2010 CRF stock suspension settings

Does anyone know the stock settings for the comp/rebound for front/rear?

also the race sag with rider/without?

bought a used 2010 and no manual. just trying to start from scratch, but do need the sag settings.



rear suspension from full hard (clockwise) - hs- 1 1/12-1 1/15 turns. ls- 7 clicks. rb- 9-12 clicks. front forksfrom full hard - rb- 8 clicks. comp- 13 clicks. rear shock 105mm standard race sag. free sag 10-25mm. these #`s are per manual specs. from what i`ve read about this bike ( and i do own one myself) if u were between 25 and 40mm free sag would be good, and i would definetly move the forks to flush in the triple clamps. hope this helped ya!

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