Maintenance after sand ride

We just got back fro an amazing weekend riding in the Oregon dunes and wanted to know about extra maintenance after riding in the sand. I cleaned every inch I could reach but there is still sand falling on my garage floor. Other than re cleaning the machine, lubricating everything, is there anything else specifically I should consider doing before our next ride?

Thank you.



Ride sand every weekend, and nobody does anything at all special.

However, at places like Pismo or Oregon Dunes you can pick up salt spray which can cause rust overnight. All I ever do is hose it off real well.

Yep, wash it down REALLY well, especially after riding in salty sand. Remove all of the pieces and parts that can hide sand in them- usually you can put the bike on a stand, remove all of the plastics, wheels, tires, plug up all of the intake and exhaust holes, then hose it down real good.

Then go back through with WD-40 and spray it in all of the moving joints to lubricate and expel any water or sand that might be lurking.

Replace your chain too, they aren't something you want to skimp on, I usually replace mine after every 20 hours in the sand (which is generally right after each sand trip).

pressure washer is the best. spray all your metal parts down really good with a pressure washer and then spray anything else down with a hose. it probably will not rust at all if you get it done within a day or two, it will rust terribly if you dont

^Also try to avoid any seals with the pressure washer. I've had seals break before from pressure washing. The engine you should probably wash by hand with a hose and a scrub brush, if possible. I know it seems like a lot of work, but that's how bikes last a long time, get every penny out of it :thumbsup:

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