Starting concerns

Any time my bike sits for a day or two without running it seems I have to give it a little gas plus pull the choke to get it started. If I try to start it with out a little throttle it struggles to start. Is this normal? Once it is running I push the choke in after 20 seconds or so and it idles fine.


Try turning your fuel screw out 1/4 turn....

Should start on choke without throttle...

Needing the choke on a cold engine is perfectly normal.

As far as needing a little throttle, well mine seems to like it also with both the BSR and FCR carbs.

I think the fuel level in your float bowl is low. try setting fuel petcock on prime and still use choke but no throttle.

I will try tomorrow as I just had it running. What would this prove by doing this?:thumbsup:

Turning the fuel petcock to prime with allow the fuel from the tank to flow to the carb. If the petcock is just turned to "on," gas won't flow to the carb until the engine is running. It is normal for gas to evaporate from the float bowl over a couple days. Anytime the fuel level in the float bowl is low, the engine will run lean. Making it much harder for a cold engine to start. Your low speed adjustment screw could be out of adjustment, but if you are using your choke (which is really a fuel enricher) it would not matter. A lot of threads say "my bike won't idle without the choke" this is almost always because their low speed passage is clogged and so the bike will idle with fuel going through the fuel enricher or choke. also, maybe your drain screw on the bottom of your carb is leaking. also, a four stroke should be able to start without throttle, revving a cold engine is bad.

So are you saying set it to prime just while I start it and then turn it back to on once it is ideling?

yes, turn the prime on, wait 10 seconds, turn it back to on, and it should fire up with just the choke.

Thanks I will try that.:thumbsup:

I always choke mine when its cold and almost always give it one turn of the throttle before hitting the starter. Fires right up and idles fine. I don't see it as being a problem.

Mike :thumbsup::thumbsup:

So you actually turn the throttle before you even hit the starter? Dose that get the fuel moving?

If you have an FCR carb, giving the throttle a couple of twists before starting just squirts some gas into the motor and helps startup on a cold motor.

My starting routine is,

-Turn petcock to prime for about 10 seconds, then back to on

-Pull the choke

-Give the throttle 2 full throttle twists

-Hit the starter while holding the throttle just barely cracked open

-She fires right up every time

-Push the choke back off after 10 or 20 seconds and it idles like a champ

If you pump the throttle, no problem. You are just enriching the fuel fixture with the fuel pump and that's good for cold starting. Don't hit the throttle after it just started though. It takes maybe 5 to 10 seconds for the oil pump to deliver new oil to the top end.

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