CORRA/Wambaw Update


The Coastal Off-Road Riders Association (CORRA) is pleased to announce that we have held our first meeting with the US Forest Service on April 12, 2011 regarding the management of the Wambaw Cycle Trail. The purpose of our meeting was to begin the process of developing a working relationship between CORRA and the Forest Service to help manage, protect and preserve the Wambaw Cycle Trails. In attendance for the Forest Service was: Mr. Joe Robles, the Forest Service Outdoor Recreation Program Manager for the Sumter and Francis Marion National Forests, Ms. Janna DuPree, Recreation Program Manager for the Francis Marion Forest and Mr. Randy Kornegay, Recreation Technician at the Francis Marion Forest. In attendance for CORRA was: Nick Wagner, Co-Founder and Vice-President, Todd Fetterhoff, US Forest Service Relations Committee Chair and Tracy Fetterhoff, CORRA Member.

We feel that it was a very positive and rewarding meeting and a lot of the goals and desires of CORRA have already been addressed in the Forest Service’s new master management plan which is still in the comment stage. While the Forest Service is aware of the amount of work needed at Wambaw, they also agree that the trail condition is not up to their current standards. They are eager to work with us and are open to our reviews and guidance to create a positive change. We believe that through our volunteer efforts, we will be able to make a significant contribution toward improving the current conditions as well as assisting the Forest Service in maintaining the trails in the years to come. We feel that this partnership will be beneficial for CORRA members and all users of the trails. We welcome your comments and suggestions as they pertain to the Wambaw Cycle Trail and how CORRA can help the Forest Service improve the trail system.

As a result of our meeting and as an indication of the Forest Service's interest in improving the trails, trail grooming has begun this week. Also, mileage-marker signs will be installed this weekend. (A new map will be created to assist first-responders in their efforts to reach injured riders.)

Coming up, we will continue discussions with the Forest Service on obtaining grant funding, installing an improved kids' riding area, adding trails, keeping regular maintenance accomplished and providing user input to them so that they can understand WHAT WE WANT.

Please support CORRA and our efforts to make Wambaw a better place to ride!

Sounds like a great start and congrats on such a positive impact !:thumbsup:


Thanks. It's been slow-going at times, but we're looking forward to not only helping out at Wambaw but to having a lot of fun too! We have a trip planned to Hatfield and McCoy this summer. Group activities like that seem to be something that a lot of folks really want to be a part of. Fun is good!

Glad to see Corra off and running so quickly with already making a positive impact in one of our riding areas. Also glad to see our local dealers supporting Corra.

At least you guys are heading in the right direction w alot of riding parks like,PAlmetto autosports park CAW etc.Too bad the people from NJ are such dumb asses that cant get it together.If I lived down here Id definately get a pass to Caw or other places.

CORRA getting involved to support the Wambaw beginning with helping install the mile markers on the trails is a huge step in a positive direction for all that ride in the coastal SC. area. Thank you CORRA. If you own a dirtbike or ATV and want to be part of a new school effort in keeping offroad alive in down state SC., join CORRA! Word is they are working on planning a Shane Watts riding school for their members sometime soon!

Thank you Hal and Nick you guys not only know very well how to twist the throttle but also have great diplomatic skill, you’re doing an awesome job!

I think its great too, rode there a few days before it closed and me and my son could tell some things had been done since we rode last. Any thing to make it better I have rode there since i was a little boy now i ride with my son there.

Come out and ride at Wambaw!

CORRA is planning an outing for this Saturday at the Wambaw Cycle Trails. We plan to be there early (9:00 AM or so) and we'll have some good times riding and socializing! Everyone needs to bring what they want to eat (hamburger patties, hot dogs, buns, etc. and drinks) and we'll have a cookout. We will have a couple of grills, so if you don't have one and you want to cook something, come on!

Had a great time Saturday, thanks CORRA for the social event. The trails are a blast with the grooming.

^^^^^ Yup, the trails haven't been that good in just about a year.


Yea, we had a great time too. We had 25 or so CORRA members show up (sorry for the short notice!). Thanks to the Forest Service for the grooming, too! CORRA is planning another work day on May 21st to take care of some more things. We are also working with the FS to get some more improvements made to the South trail so that the entire trail can be reopened. Not sure yet when that will happen, but we're pushing to get 'er done as soon as possible. PLEASE JOIN CORRA!

so I was getting dressed the other day...

I had just taken a shower.

I say to my best gal, "the forest is groomed".

She looks at me, smiles, and says, "oh wait, thaaaaat's not what you were talking about. Nevermind."



I don't care who you are, that's funny as hell.

so I was getting dressed the other day...

I had just taken a shower.

I say to my best gal, "the forest is groomed".

She looks at me, smiles, and says, "oh wait, thaaaaat's not what you were talking about. Nevermind."

She could finally see the "tree"?:smirk:

Scrub oak? rubber tree? or Iron wood?

She could finally see the "tree"?:smirk:

Prolly the all too common miniature weiner tree...........:smirk::lol:

keep it up and I'll post a picture of it. :smirk:

keep it up and I'll post a picture of it. :smirk:


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