Which road bike should I get?

I have the option of 2 different bikes.

One is a 2010 specialized allez sport comp, with 2000miles on frame but stock components are like new. it would come with extra tires as well. this price is $400

the other is a 2006 scott speedster s50 that is brand new still in the box but doesnt come with pedals for $450

what do you guys think, what are your opinions, this will be my first bike and I am trying to make this decision and just dont know which one to choose.


What are you going to do with the bike?

dont forget with either bike you'll want pedals and shoes.

What component groups does each bike have? Shimano 105, Ultegra, something else?

They are both 100% stock, the speedster just doesnt have pedals. I am not sure on the components

With bikes, the component group is what makes the price. Look at the shifters and derailers, it will say right on them. Check out Shimano's website, http://bike.shimano.com/

Allez has SORA STI levers with a sora front derrailleur and tiagra 9spd rear...scott has sora front and sora 8spd rear with sora sti levers.

I would go on the ALLEZ but really niether have great component groups...what is your experience riding and what will you be doing with the bike. When i worked at a bike shop i tried to never sell anyone less than shimano 105 unless they were rarely going to ride and realized they were buying a lesser product.

I plan on using it every day to go to work and back only 5 miles, but I also plan on training with a buddy on it for racing. The problem is I can only spend around that much on a bike. this would be my first bike too btw.

What dealers do you have around you and what do they stock? also the Allez seems like a better choice for a better bike that will also hold its value better.

I have 4 different dealers around me all with in 60 miles and have both brands

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