Question for Tall Riders

Hey People. I'm looking for some gear, pants and jersey. I don't see any tall sizes so I'm curious as to what make/brand you've had good length luck with. I'm 6'7" 230lbs. It's always a battle to find the right length.


Wow, I'll say. Any others??

I'm 6'5" ~230lbs and have not had any length issues with any mx pants either over or inside the boot type. All of my jersey's are a bit on the short side as far as sleeve length (6'10 1/2" arm span), but again, never had an issue just buying an XL for torso length. Of the jersey's that I still have, the Fly brand seems to have the longest sleeves.

My rain pants (cheap ARC brand) can be seen in this pic from a recent 300 mile dual sport day (I'm on the far right, the guy next to me is 6') along with a Large Tall firstgear jacket. The pants are a little short, but when your boots go clear over your calf, who cares?


My buddy on the yamaha in this pic is also 6'5" and has all thor and Troy Lee gear and I'm wearing all MSR gear in this pic:


Here is a shot showing where my wrist tan comes from:


So to sum it up: unless you have freakishly long arms like me, length (inseam and torso) are not really an issue with any brand.

Thanks for the info. I`m new to all this, it`s my first bike so I`ll probably have some more dumb questions.

Thanks again!!

I'm 6'-6", 210, have a 35" waist and long legs. Most 36" pants are too short for me. The taper at the calf binds on my knee braces and they pull out of my boot's. I've found that Troy Lee GP pants fit me best because they don't taper as much as most pants.

I bought Troy Lee GP gear. I'm 6'3" and 175lbs. The pants (34) were long enough, however another 2 or 3 inches and they may have been coming out of the boot. But for me I did not have a problem with them and thought them to be a really good length. The jersey (L) was a good length too at the sleeve with an extra 2 inches or so to spare before it came too short. But again, for me it was a good length; a little on the baggy side though.

Moose racing has sizes up to xxxxl and the pants are pretty long too. I also wear Shift and they fit me as well. I'm 6.6

Im about the same size as you. I have always had good luck with the Shift products.

I just bought some Thor Flux gear of eBay, size 34 and XL. The XL actually has a shorter sleeve length than I remember from trying on a L at the dealership, so I'm thinking the guy must have dried it or something. Also the XL is really baggy on me, but I'm fairly skinny. The length of the jersey though is plenty long enough. The pants seem to be really tight but once you get them on it was like they were made to be there haha. The want to ride a little high which brings up the cuffs a good bit. But they still have a few extra inches in the boot. With my EVS Vision knee braces these pants are really tight, but since it has all these fancy stretch panels it doesn't bother me. The set is really awesome but I wish it had come with a Large jersey.

To make it short I think the GP stuff is better for taller or bigger riders, but this Thor Flux stuff is really really nice! If the jersey was skinner it would be just about perfect.

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