XR650L Clutch Disengagement Question

Hi guys first off I just wanted to say Im a noob to Honda's and just bought me a pig!!

2000 XR650L, 3200MI, org. owner, mint condition and engine runs perfect!!

Being a former yamaha man my question is; where is the normal clutch disengagement spot on the 650?

It seems my clutch doesn't disengage untill just about the last inch+/- of lever release. Is this normal?

It doesn't seem as thought the clutch is slipping,it just seems as thought there is a small release margin (couldnt think of the right phrase for the distance from beging of release of clutch to end lol sry).

I was just wondering because my yamaha's always began to disengage around the halfway point of lever release.

Any comments would be appreciated!!

Thanks Reaper :thumbsup:

Yup...........as long as the free play is there........and you can get it into neutral after stopping,,,,then you are good..


Got it......... the word I couldn't think of was throw lol

Thanks for the reply!!

I guess I will just have to take it easy until I get used to the bike because I find myself getting on the throttle before the clutch is disengaged.

Anyone ever use MSR raptor clutch lever I hear it may be able to shorten the throw???

Thanks Reaper

My 2001 has a very narrow engagement range close to all the way out. It's one of the grabbiests clutches of any bike that I've owned. Fortunately the engine seems to pull you through regardless of how quickly you let the clutch out. I consider it to just be part of the "character" of the bike.


Thanks for the reply!!

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