First day out on our track at the house!!!


My little girl rippen around the corner on her rm65!!!

Edited by kx450fd

its not showing anything for me

its up now

nice man i cant wait until my girl can ride

Its great man, she's 8 and started riding at 5 and her other sister started riding at 5 this past summer. I wish this rain would go away her in Pa. its been almost 3 weeks straight of rain!!!1

i hear you about the rain were under a tornado watch right now. what bike did you start her and the younger one out on

Good for her! Nice job..

More pics of track?? Or video?

I started them both out on a ttr50. Once she got the point of shifting on the regular, I put here on the rm65. She went with the word go on it with the clutch!!

she looks like shes having a blast..

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