Dual Sport in VA??


Tried to search, and could not find anything, so sorry if it is out there. Anyway:

Today I went to DMV, and tried to get plates for my '09 CRF250X that I put a dual sport kit on. I was told from the manager there, that you can no longer convert an off-road to on-road machine. And I stood there as she called the main DMV office to confirm. It was explained to me, that if on the Certificate of Origin it was worded "Off-road use only", it cannot be plated for street use. Anyone have any insight, or ideas on this. I really wanted to dual sport this as opposed to buying the CRF230L. Any help would be GREAT! Thanks

Thanks! I don't know how I missed that. But, anyway. This morning, I went to a different branch. Told them I need a plate for my motorcycle, and boom, 10 min later out with a plate!! Not sure why the hastle, but man, am I happy.

So I tried to go to the Honda shop this morning and get my bike inspected, but was highly disappointed. Does anyone know of a dual sport friendly inspection station in the Lynchburg area?

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