08 Yz250f bog

So heres the deal, i was swaping out the oil and filter so i drained the crank oil, but for some reason i guess i got distracted?, and forgot to drain the oil pump oil. So i had put new oil in, with probubly half a liter in the oil pump! So i had been running way to much oil in it mistakenly.. So i drained it ALL out, put new stuff in, and tried to run out all the oil that was in the top end. Now i have a bog to the bike, right off idle. When im higher in rpm its fine, the bike will rev sll day. The bike didnt do this before i did this messed up oil change so whats up? Is it carb adjusting?

Certainly not the oil change.

Has the bike been sitting with old fuel in it? Anything you are not telling us? Jetting does not magically change.

u dont think the oil change has anything to do wit the bog? This bog just started after i did that bad oil change. Maybe idle circuit is clogged?

If the pilot circuit was clogged, the bike would be hard to start and not idle. You make no mention of this.

I am curious what did you mean by this (explain further):

...tried to run out all the oil that was in the top end....

I was trying to burn off all the exess oil in the top end because a bunch of oil got up there because i had put to much oil in, so i ran the bike, to get rid of the oil. Do you think the oil may be coating the plug with oil and it wont fire. It just boggs out and dies at low rpm, but it will not bog if i am past idle speed and then crack the throttle. Do you think i should just continue to run the bike with the bog because there still may oil in the top end that shouldnt be there and needs to burn off???

Ah... You loaded up the cylinder with oil. Yes, put a new plug in, you'll also want to clean out your pipe.

ya i have put 2 new plugs in since yesterday thinking that they were getting fouled and that was why it was bogging.....it still bogged the same when i put new plugs in....should i just keep running it and do you think it will go away? i think i am going to adjust my fuel air srew...scince that is associated with about 1/4 throttle to mid range. what do u think???

Fuel screw is for idle only.

Jetting does not magically change. Clean the exhaust out of residual oil.

Fuel screw is for idle only.

Jetting does not magically change. Clean the exhaust out of residual oil.

Well what should i do

The third time.... Clean out your pipe

Hopefully, you did not experience hydraulic lock and bend the rod. I assume the power is still there.

Ya power is still all there

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So heres the deal...i got the bike, and first thing i did was change the oil. On accident i overfilled it, and oil got all up in the top end and all that:bonk: So i drained all the oil out, put the correct amount of oil back in, and the bike fired right up, but it had a bog. I did some adjustments, didn't help. So i took the carb off, cleaned it out, and then it wouldnt start. So then i had the shop go through the carb to make sure i didnt do anything wrong, and now it just will not start. When i pull the plug it is a liitle wet, but not very significant. I also have a r&d accelerator pump. Whats the problem!?!?!? Carb adjustments??? PLEASE HELP i wanna ride...

Thanks, -Ethan

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