flywheel weight on cr500af

got a sh500af. gonna use it mostly in the woods and pismo. also for hare scramble racing. what would a flywheel weight on a big bore like this do for it? would it help with rider fatigue as well? thanks

everybody is different.. Myself I don't care for them.. they do take away from the flickability,, Doesn't matter if it is aluminum or not

itll mellow the motor down. and could very well help with rider fatigue

itll mellow the motor down. and could very well help with rider fatigue

it can also add to the heavy feeling of the bike(gyroscopic effect).. It can be a wash if you ask me is what I should have said:bonk: to each their own though

ok, thanks for the info

I'm also not a fan of them, but for woods riding I suspect I'm in the minority with that opinion. The darn things are cheap enough, why not try one?

IMHO, the CR5 comes w/ its own flywheel's called the rotating mass of the engine. There's absolutely NO NEED for a Flywheel weight, or at least that's how I felt when I owned my '91. I raced it locally and I can tell you from experience, THat CR5 will climb up even the slickest, nastiest, mud hills at a walking pace. I could just tractor mine up those slick sides and watch everyone else "GHOST RIDE" their 125/250s. No joke...:thumbsup:

Now if you're wanting to slow down the revs right off throttle to 1/2 way, then that can be accomplished easily using the G2 Ergonomic throttle cam. THat thing WORKS!

i bought my CR500 with a flywheel weight installed on it and i absolutely love it with the Gnarly pipe. it pulls more like a 4 stroke than my 450 does. i can lug it around in 2nd gear up any hill as slow as i like and it wont die. and when i decide to get on it, there is no hit at all, its just a very linear power delivery. but it still has plenty of speed to destroy pretty much anything at the drags at pismo.

ive never ridden the bike without the FWW and Gnarly though so i dont know how it behaves without it.

I am in the same boat as Joman. Bought it (93 CR5) with it, haven't taken it off. Lugs down like crazy, but when you need the power, it is there. I feel like the power is smooth and I can feather the throttle right in the powerband with good control. It doesn't have the on / off feeling like my dad's 87 with no fww. I thought I would want to pull it off after I bought it, but now after a few rides, I don't know that I would change a thing unless I am heading out to the dunes. 5th gear rollon wheelies are easy with the controllable powerband:banana:. As with all CR5's some respect has to be given to the throttle:worthy:, fww or not, but the way mine is setup is perfect for me in the tight woods of the PNW.

Do either of you guys know how many oz the weights are??

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