Another victim of the seized chain adjuster bolt

So my previously owned '01 CR250 had a rounded and seized chain adjuster bolt which I knew would be a problem. After soaking in Liquid Wrench for several hours I gingerly worked it back and forth for several more hours. It started to loosen and come out then...SNAP. Bolt broke flush with the swingarm. Neverseize these bolts. Save yourself the heartache.

how are you going to fix it?

There's a local machine shop who has seen this before so hopefully they can get it out. Otherwise it has to be drilled out and southern engineered with a swingarm buddy. :thumbsup:

This happened to me too. I got "the swingare buddy",or.r_gc.r_pw.&wrapid=tljp1303872110009035&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=14877467361614210531&sa=X&ei=cYK3TayMOLDdiAKXwqkV&sqi=2&ved=0CCsQ8wIwAw#

a very simple and quick fix. Just doest look very good. I ended up finding a used swingarm on ebay for cheep and repalced it.

Edit: Keep your bolts lubed. Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping a strong running bike. I learned the hard way :thumbsup:

had one seize on a yz80 from the previous owner. will be a easy fix because the adjuster is not part of the swingarm. would be a pain in the ballz on some of the hondas though. antiseize is what i use. snapping that bolt on a one piece swing arm means your up shit creek. see if you can screw it in and let it fall into the swingarm and leave it there then put in new bolt or maybe you can get it out with a extractor.

we got one out of 97' before by drilling it out and using a "easy out" tool...was a pain but it worked. get a new sharp drill bit, drill straight, a little heat from a torch or heat gun, then use the easy out.

also there are swingarms on ebay...

dude. just drill it out your self... and go up one size of bolt and tap it. problem solved...

Yeah, I'm really hoping it will come out. Drilling it is definitely the easiest fix but it's gonna bug me knowing that whats left of the bolt will be rattling around in the swingarm.

IF it bothers you that bad, why not just go get you another swingarm?

They're like, what? , $40 used?

The swingarm buddy comes with a drill bit and the hole is pretty big. I was able to shake out the broken bolt in less than 30 sec. Swingarms are cheep on ebay like mentioned above. I picked one up for $55 after shipping. You just have to wait for a good deal. The swingarm buddy allowed me to still ride while I was waiting for that good deal.

Yeah, I'm really hoping it will come out. Drilling it is definitely the easiest fix but it's gonna bug me knowing that whats left of the bolt will be rattling around in the swingarm.

Sharpen your bit backwards then drill in reverse. That's what I did and it grabbed and spun it out.

How exactly do you "sharpen the bit backwards", I've heard of and used a reverse drill bit to accomplish what you are describing, and easy out kits use reverse drill bits for the appropriate size, I'm just curious if this is something real as my job is a service tech and I've never heard of this please do explain.

Now that I am describing this to my wife who doesn't care one single bit I can picture it but I would still like to see a picture, I love "redneck" tools I've deff had my fair share of contraptions.:thumbsup:

i use left handed drill bits.

yea im with do you sharpen a drill bit thats a right hand drill bit, and make it into a left hand drill bit.... the fluts would spin the wrong way....

my chain adjuster bolts are also tough to go in and out, soo i def gotta spray them up really good, hopefully i wont snap them. it inst that bad yet

Just snapped one of mine!!! Time to search ebay for a swingarm....

Update: After two machine shops poking at it I ended up going with a swingarm buddy on this. Thanks for the advice guys.

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