2002 yz125

I have a 2002 yz125 and it runs way too rich. I live in western North Carolina but I usually ride in Georgia. My dirt bike runs way too rich in both elevations and temperatures. I ordered a rebuild kit for my carb and replaced everything. The only thing I changed is the main jet. The kit came with a 410, but I'm already down to a 330 and it's still too rich. What else could make it run so rich? Thanks

Air mixture screw, pre-mix is mixed right. make sure your air filter is clean too it might not be getting enough air as well. Not trying to insult intelligence just covering the basics

might try different needle clip positions or different needle all together.

What pilot jet are you running?

I'm not sure what pilot. Whatever comes stock, 30 or 35. Air filter is brand new and oiled up. Gas mixed 36:1 (between 32 and 40)

In Eastern NC depending on the track and time of year. We run mains from 420 to 400

And a 40 pilot, stock needle in the 3 position

Could anything internally cause my bike to run rich? Like something in the motor?

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