For you "Dollar Stroke" guys!

Had my RMZ450 done by Pro1RacingHeads out of Phoenix (Tempe). Machines his own non-beryllium valve seats out of Mold Star 90 stock and valve guides from a nickle-bronze alloy. He doesn't cut the valve seat but uses a Haas machine to profile them. He does porting and verifies his work with a flow bench.

Haven't noticed much change on the bottom end but did not loose anything. Head starts to shine mid-range and above!

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great info

I guess when it comes time to overhaul the crf I will have to give them a try.

actually theyre in tempe :thumbsup:

actually theyre in tempe :thumbsup:


Great videos, thanks.

Makes me think about how much fun it is to ride a 250F MXer, BUT as much as I enjoy 4 stroke power, if you wanted to put 70+ hrs on one per year, the economy of owning a 250F MX bike does seem a bit scary. Probably the best solution would be to have the nice 250F but put most your hours on a 450 or 250 2-stroke.

Some magazine journalists in aus writing about how the KTM350 or EXC is the perfect compromise size engine, but if those 350s are revvers, I'm not so sure about that. For average Joe Rider, I still think the 450F or 250 2 strokes are the perfect bikes.

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