carb problem

I got an 03 wr450 that was leaking gas like a sieve, so i took the carb apart and figured out the float was stuck, but decided to clean the jets while i had the carb apart. I put everything back together as it was and now it won't idle right and backfires constantly. Can't figure out what is going on, any ideas? i just want to know a few before i take the carb apart again.

Did you check the float height?

Did you have the slide out?

Did you reset the fuel screw?

Do you have the carb fully seated in the manifold?

Does the hot start cable have play and does the plunger fully seat/close?

What did you use to clean the jets, and did you blow the passages back out with compressed air after cleaning?

thanks, yeah i checked everything and blew it out with compressed air, the problem was one of wires was shot on that plugin, but i got 'er figured out and its runnin good now

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