So I found a 2004 rm60 for my 9year old, brought it home tonight and looped it on my first ride! In the pw50 there was a washer in the exhaust to reduce power for beginners. I'm thinking of putting it in the rm till he burns a tank or two of gas through it. I'm concerned because it's a more highly tuned engine that I might somehow damage it by restricting the exhaust? I did a search but came up empty. Is there a better way to tone down the top end hit of this mini while he gets used to it?

Thanks for any ideas


The RM will always do that to you no matter how you detune it. These bikes are built for kids. When an adult gets on one, his butt is over the rear wheel and his center of gravity is higher making for a wild ride.

However I would still recommend detuning especially if he was riding a PW50 immediately before this bike.

Get a 3/8" fender washer, stuff it in the exhaust where the cylinder meets the pipe. This restricts the amount of fresh charge the pipe can stuff back in the cylinder, reducing power by a lot. Over time, you can drill the hole larger and add extra smaller holes around it to allow more pipey-ness.

Buy a KX65 exhaust gasket or two, stick them in the exhaust too. This will move the power down in the RPM range.

Get a steahly flywheel weight. This doesn't change the power, but it makes the bike easier to control and harder to stall.

Drop the front sprocket by one tooth, or the rear by two. This actually puts more torque to the rear wheel, but it also limits the speed in any given gear and also makes the bike harder to stall.

Other than the FWW, everything can be done for about $20. The FWW if you can't find one used will run you $120, but it's a good investment.

Also, I think you can buy anything for the KX60 which will fit the RM60 for your year. However, I thought Suzuki stopped selling the 60 in 2003, which was a yellow KX60. BTW, there are some parts Suzuki won't sell you due to the lead business, you'll need to get them from Kawi.

If you'd like confirmation, I still have some KX60 parts left (sold ours a year ago) and I could take measurements of the parts I do have to compare to yours.

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dont put a washer in the exhaust your just going to end up with more tuning issues.

put a piece of rubber hose between the carb cap and carb slide. this will limit how much the throttle can be turned. once he is more comfortable then you can trim the hose little by little until it is back to no hose at all.

What parts do you have? I would be interested in a set of plastic that was green..

PM sent.

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