just a thought?

has anyone ever had left over jets and needles, and know that you will never need them and wonder if some one else is in the same boat with the opposite parts as you? i have a partial JD jet kit that i had left over from my first DRZ(BSR), i have the red needle and 145-150-155 mains. and im debating on skipping the bsr jetting and just go FCR but if i can help some one and help myself as well, why not? as i need a blue with 160.

May I offer to help with your debate and suggest an Fcrmx and pipe is the way to go......:thumbsup:.:thumbsup:

well i do believe thats the way i'll go, but i have alot of projects and a vacation soon. this is my second drz and like i said, these are left overs and i have a full yoshi ti on now, the previous had an mrd/ssw. i just figured what the heck, give it a shot, may help someone and me.

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