CR125 suspension on a 230? please help

I was wondering if anyone out their has put this specific setup on there bike. I found a 91 cr125 parts bike in my area for 300 bucks. It would be the complete rolling chassis, brakes tires etc. Would it be worth buying it to fit the forks and shock on my bike (06 230), and potentially less expensive than emulators, re-valve, works shock, or potentially be better suspension? I am hoping for real experience's from people, how much additional cash has to be put out to make all of the necessary connections? Do I need a masters in bike wizardry, or can the average handy guy put it together? In short is it worth the hassle, or am I better off with keeping it simple? I like riding more than wrenching, so I would rather not get into a huge project/re-build. Thanks in advance for any advice/info, hoping to get the best possible suspension setup for the best price.

im pretty shure cr 125 forks wont fit your triple clamps. 85 forks will tho.

Yes the CR125 forks can be used. Emig Racing makes a conversion stem but their web site states its for 2000 and later CR/CRF forks not sure if it will work for the 91. At any rate, it can be done by an everyday mechanic kinda guy llike me. I did mine using 97 CR250 forks. You will need a machine shop to cut out your welded in 230 stem and the stem from the 250 pressed out of the lower triple clamp.

I cut up and used this 250 stem to make a cup/sleeve to raise the 230 stem up into the 250 lower triple and the top part to sleeve the 250, or in our case 125, top clamp to receive the smaller diameter 230 stem.

There are other concerns that you will need to address: remounting the electronics box from behind the number plate, relieving the gas tank to allow full sweep of the wider upper triple clamp, fabbing a new steering stop.

Now if that sounds like too much work maybe you don't want to try it but all those items have been described within the pages of this website (do a search) There are many here who have done the conversion and are willing to asst you.

The rear shock? Now thats a different thing. I havent heard of anyone using a CR/CRF rear shock on the 230. Word is, for $200.00 or so John Hliebo will make the stock one rock. Again if you use the search feature you will find much info on what has been tried: what works and does not. Im using a CR85rear shock on my non electric start 150F. I required some mods but Im sure it will be fine (and much improved over stock) for the little woman. I believe with a little creativity it would work on the 230 as well. Remember creativity usually costs money, but using the wealth of info from those who have already done most of the R and D it wont be as costly as you might think.

BTW I'd scoop that CR125 up if you can afford it. Parts are the greatest expense in the coversion and you will need the complete front end (wheel brake system etc) if you do decide to do go forward. Putting one together with individul parts will cost you at least 300 bux. AND you may be able to use the rear wheel and disc brake for a disc brake conversion. That too can be done reasonably especially when you only paid $300.00 for all the parts. (That process can also be researched on this website)... I wish I had come across a deal like that when I did my 230 Project bike. ...

(see pix under the post re wet drum brake)


go to the bottom of this page. It will show you "similar posts" to which you can refer. There is a guy who had a 91 CR125 he was considering. Do some follow up with him (PM etc) to see if he did it and what it took.

Good luck


Thanks STOD, I'm going to try to grab that bike, will let you know how it goes....

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