2002 WR250F new head no paint stripes

After a catastrophic failure of the original head, I purchased a new one and am in the process of building it up with valves, springs, etc. My old head had blue paint stripes on the head casing next to both the intake and exhaust valves. The valve buckets from the old head are still good and fit into the bore of the new head....but the new head (5NL-11102-20-00) does not have any paint marks. What is the deal with the different colors of heads and valve buckets? The new head is the same number as a 2004 head and there was only two colors for the buckets in 2004, green and yellow. Just spent a ton of money on parts and want to make totally sure I get it back together right! Are the different color buckets different diameter, different pad thickness inside, or different depth????

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Are you talking about the paint pen marks that they use during assembly at the factory to indicate that something has been torqued or completed in the assembly process?

No, these are not torque/check paint marks. The factory manual specifies different colored valve buckets to match the color of the stripe next to each of the valves. I asked the dealer and they had seen the manual reference but were clueless as to what it means.

I'd say, assemble it all, and set your valve clearance. If it is a stock replacement head and all your parts are within spec, you should be fine. Get a set of calipers and check your parts to the specs in the manual.

I'm just throwing this out there because I don't really know. It could be the manufacturing process where kind of like when they balance an engine they match up the components to their ideal place in the engine like a certain piston in a certain cylinder and this might be the case here where they matched up the best combination of valves to buckets, seals, cam, etc. and painted them so the assembly person knows where they all go. Make sense?

Hey x60,, I know what you mean!..I just tore down my top end yesterday on my 01 wr and have the light blue painted type stripes that you are talking about. They are located like in front or side of the came lobes, depending how you want to look at it. In other words, where the oil will "splash" off the lobes during operation,,,Yea, i was wondering the same thing...wierd,,)

Hey thanks to everyone who replied....live in Northern Alabama (tornadoes) and just got internet back working......we didn't have any damage, but plenty of neighbors did.....Any other ideas about why the manual calls for two different colors of valve bucket for the new 04 head? The choices on the parts finder are yellow and green...

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