rear axle slider bolt help

pulled my rear tire off today to get it repaired. i'm getting everything back together and i have an extra washer and about a 1/4" sleeve left over. it appears to go with the axle slider bolt but i'm not sure of the configuration. i remember it falling on the floor after i pulled the axle shaft out. thanks for any and all help


part of the axle slider.

any idea on configuration, because i have the 2" or so sleeve for the chain side slider, but i'm not sure where the smaller one goes

Hope this helps. mine are bit different due to dropping and losing some stuff, but in general should be close to the pics (they work on my bike)

Sorry for the blur.





i guess i pushed the shit in when reinstalling the chain side bolt. the bolt bottoms out before it touches anything. so i'm guessing i'm going to have to either go with out on the chain side, or do the all thread mod.

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