Introduction- Newcomer from Norther Cali

Hey guys, Just bout my 2005 WR250F yesterday. Can't wait to get out and ride!

Have I found my home? I mistakenly signed up to and realized quite quickly It wasn't home.

I bought this bike in CA, for $2,750.00. Its really clean and runs great. It's only got 311 miles on it.


Welcome, bike looks nice!

Yeah, I think you may be in the right place. A lot of good info here and some really helpful folks.

Time for you to read the Thumperfaqs on your bike and uncork it.

Dude, that bike is like brand new. Looks awesome. Your gonna like the 05

Nice bike man!! Congrats!! I have an 04 and love it!! Do ALL of the free mods and the bike will scream. Where in North Cal are you?

Thanks guys!

I live in Mt. Shasta. Pretty far up north...lots of ridding to be had :-)

Welcome, I grew up in Yreka, now a resident of Ohio. I have a 05 also, great bike.:thumbsup:

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